Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love Grows Here

My sunflower is ready to bloom!

Yesterday, I read something that made me wake up a wee bit.
The thought of the reading was what if it is not about letting stuff out but rather letting something in - let love in.
Simple. Let love in! The rest takes care of itself.

"The healing we so desperately seek may already

be embedded within the wound itself."

-Wayne Muller, Learning to Pray


  1. Time in the garden can be so healing. Plants share not only their bodies and babies with us, but also their wisdom....

  2. Ooh - pretty, pretty!

    I've been thinking about the exact same thing, Jenny! Letting love in. Sometimes I find that very easy, and other times it seems darn near impossible.

  3. This is why I've been thinking about letting love in. Heard it on the radio the other day and it stuck with me:


  4. Hi Jenny,
    I read this just a moment ago. I was in the midst of working and rushing and it made me stop, take a deep breath and simply smile and nod, YES. I shared it with my friends via google reader. Thank you for being here.

  5. Our sunflowers are ready to bloom too...I'm getting very excited - it is the first time we have grown anything from SEEDS and it is marvelous to watch them!

    Letting in...