Monday, May 3, 2010

Love Grows

What is asked of us in our time

is that we break open our caves and find each other.

Nothing less will heal this anguished spirit,

nor release the heart to act in love.

- Author Unknown

Photo - My sunflower sprout.
I was going to blog about my oatmeal experience Saturday morning and how grumpy I was, and how when I typed OATMEAL I really typed OATMEAN. Appropriate.
I was going to blog about shedding old layers, Mystery, growing, anger and release, but like an obstinate child I don't wanna!
Instead I share the joy of my tiny sunflower seed that has sprouted. For many years I have been too scared to grow anything. I am trying. Love grows.


  1. Oatmean...I love it. My mom used to love to grow sweet potato vines. I tried one this winter, and yep, it died. I love your little sprout. Have fun with her and one day she will be one of those lovely lady sunflowers that stand so beautifully in the garden.

  2. i grow plants in my classroom year-round. it reminds me and the kids of the simplicity, fragility, dependency of life. love comes into it. quietly. steven