Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

Sometimes I am like Little Red Riding Hood: sweet.
Sometimes I am like Grandmother: loving and tender.
Sometimes I am like the Big Bad Wolf: unpleasant and rotten.

The Hunter comes and cuts me out of myself when the wolf has taken over. It is a side of me I must accept, but it is a side of me I will choose not to live from.

Photos - I was recently reunited with one of my favorite childhood dolls. My sister recently moved and we found her in the back of a closet. I thought she was long gone! This is a flip-flop, topsy-turvy doll. Grandmother once had a sleeping cap to wear to hide her wolf-y edge.


  1. Ohh, I had one very similar to this. Think it got lost somewhere along the way. Don't you love finding these types of things?

    Being the sweetest person in the world, all the times gets tedious. I wish I could let out a growl sometimes. Embrace the genus canis.

  2. "Embrace the genus canis."
    I love this, Susan.
    Thank you.
    ...loving...even in the growls...

  3. yikes...
    love it...

    love can tame the wolf...
    grace can extract the beast...
    watchfulness...keeps the leash on...
    most of the time ;)

  4. Hmmmm... thats kinda scary! I like Todds comment. Good one Todd

  5. I remember those dolls -- flip the skirt and another personality is born. I think we are all this way -- it's just a matter of degrees. And percentages... my pie chart has more wolf these days than it used to. Even though I am moving closer in age to grandmother!

  6. All one doll. Mindfulness keeps the skirt on the way you want it to be.