Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reading with Chloe

I remember
when all we needed
was a book or two
to make
any moment
just right.

You fit perfectly in my lap.
You would lean against my heart.

We would read and read and read and read...
and all felt safe in the world.

Photo - Chloe and me, 1996.


  1. the little golden books are pure magic!!!! such a beautiful moment filled with the most amazing story.
    chloe is a name i held in my head for a very long time - i first knew it as a fifteen year-old - that i reserved for a child who would come from a relationship with someone i expected to meet. i've met three women with children named chloe since then - all were very special people . . . the mums and the chloe's!!!! have a lovely evening. steven

  2. As the Raffi song says,

    "All I really need is a song in my heart,
    Food in my belly, and love in my family."

    Our deepest needs are simple and relatively easy to fill (for most of us) except that we busy ourselves with a whole bunch of distractions that don't matter at all.

    One way to inoculate ourselves from distraction is to shun most media--television, radio, corporate internet news, etc. and the adverts that come with them. I'm on a life long media diet/fast, and the more I stay away, the happier I feel. I know steven up there does the same.

    A lap, a heart to lean on, a hand to hold.