Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving Ain't Pretty

Ha! My art table is still messy! (last photo)
I can't quite bear to pack every art supply away just yet.
My colored pencils are out and I left some wool felt and embroidery floss out to play with.

No matter how much you may try to "organize" a pile of boxes, they are still just that...a pile of boxes.

Yesterday, my daughter dove into her room. (phew!)
She got a great start - willing to let go of a lot of little stuff.
But there were some things that I quickly grabbed out of her pile. You can see them all there in the second photo. I have so many of Chloe's kindergarten pictures (on left) but I can't stand to part with one. Tomorrow is her last day of school. Thursday she is her Graduation. (sigh)

Notice the wee box of crayons next to the big box pile.
My daughter didn't want them anymore. I kept them.

Moving ain't pretty.

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  1. The last time I moved was around 14 years ago but I still remember the mess so very well. The other day on TV I heard someone saying a good rule to follow is to get rid of old things to make space for new things; it's easier said than done of course and every little thing seems to be important and/or significant in some way, but you know what we (at least I did) seem to accumulate too much of and got rid of when I moved? Tupperware (and the like) plastic containers and old newspapers and magazines! Boy did I have containers! I gave them away to friends and family and really didn't miss them afterwards; all the reading material ended up wrapping up glass and delicate things and the rest in the dumpster. Anyway, at the end, after all the tiresome work put in, I liked my new house better than the old one so although moving is not pretty it can be exciting and rewarding.
    Congratulations to your daughter!

    Dictionary anonymous