Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today I colored!
Coloring is my favorite!
My first love.

Back in 1977, when I started kindergarten, I went in the afternoon.
That meant I had the TV all to myself in the morning as my sister and brother were at school.
Me. A box of crayons. A coloring book. Sesame Street.
And it still is...even now as I approach 40.

By the next school year, it was all about hearts and rainbows.
It remained that way for a couple of years.

For this drawing, I brought then all together.
But this time I used my new colored pencils rather than my crayons.


  1. I love it! I love coloring too!! I had bunches of coloring books that I saved for years because they had my little treasures inside. I AM 40 & still love coloring. :)

  2. How fun that you saved some of your coloring books!
    I do have one coloring page that is saved in a scrapbook. It is of Sunny Bono. His arms are bright red.