Monday, April 11, 2011


I have been terribly absent from blogging lately.
But I must be realistic that in the next couple of months it may just be that way as I get ready to move, my daughter finishes High School...and such.

I did create this painting last week.

And yesterday, I spent wonderful time with my sister, knitting in her backyard on a perfect spring day.
I have feverishly been knitting cotton dish rags.

I listed new items in my Etsy shop - like this ONE.

I have new Finger Pincushions like this sweet BIRD.
A boutique in Los Angeles, 8 Limbs, will be selling some in their shop, too.
I was honored they found me.

I hope you are all well!


  1. So adorable!:O) Great painting:O)

  2. I can totally relate to life coming before blogging. Take a breath and post when you can. Hugs.

  3. Jenny love love this piece!!! I will be moving too very soon and I'm excited!!!! Moving to a new place is fun, packing is another thing.

    Keep those beautiful pieces coming!!!!

  4. You artwork is so fresh! I still have the little piece you sent me and I love it. Simplifying and getting rid of stuff sounds like such a good idea... but I love STUFF!
    I hope you had a great easter. time to start a new week now!
    have a good one!